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“Amidst rapid global growth of applied behavioral science, developing quality standards and safeguarding ethical practices are important goals for GAABS to undertake.”

— Jennifer Lerner, Thornton F. Bradshaw Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School and GAABS Advisor

Member Benefits

A Portal to find local and global endorsed behavioural science firms and practitioners 

A Platform to showcase applied behavioural science case studies

A Panel of fellow experts to access, exchange and grow ideas

A Potential forum to drive research to aid society

A Pitch opportunity for small firms to form alliances

A Prestigious community of affiliated peers

An independent Profileenhancer to promote capabilities

A Programme of events, webinars and discussion forums

How to join us

Become part of a thriving community burning with passion for behavioural science and real life applications. GAABS openly welcomes all qualified individuals and organisations with an established track record and demonstrated commitment to behavioural science.


Proof of a completed postgraduate qualification (e.g. MSc/PhD) in a relevant subject including, but not limited to, behavioural science, behavioural economics, psychology, decision science, cognitive science, neuroscience, or similar,


Proof of a significant contribution to the field of applied behavioural science. This must involve a combination of at least two of the following five criteria:

  • Certification of completion of an approved post-graduate training programme, e.g. Executive Programme in Applied Behavioural Science.

  • At least two relevant publications in peer-reviewed journals or behavioural science books, subject to approval by the Board.

  • A teaching position on a Behavioural Science related course or programme.

  • An endorsement of at least three existing individual members. This may include members of the Executive or Advisory Board.

  • A relevant contribution to the field through an impact statement outlining practical applications. (Subject to approval by the Board)

Individual Membership Fees:

GBP 75.- / EUR 85.- / USD 99.- / CHF 89.- / p.a.

For further details on membership criteria, click here.

Membership as an Organisation Or Team

Proof of operation as a stand-alone applied behavioural science firm,


Proof of operation as a dedicated applied behavioural science team within a wider organisation,

fulfilling the following two criteria:

  • Evidence of a portfolio of projects developed within the domain of applied behavioural science,


  • Maintain a minimum of two thirds or more team members (> 66%) meeting the criteria for individual membership.

Organisational Membership Fees:

Small Team (1-5 Behavioural Scientists):
GBP 750.-/EUR 850.-/USD 990.-/CHF 890.- / p.a.

Medium Team (6-20 Behavioural Scientists):
GBP 1500.-/EUR 1690.-/USD 1990.-/CHF 1790.- / p.a.

Large Team (> 21 Behavioural Scientists):
GBP 2250.-/EUR 2500.-/USD 2950.-/CHF 2690.- / p.a.

For further details on membership criteria, click here.