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Dr. Sara Bru Garcia

Behavioural and experimental psychology with a focus on how humans learn to associate events in their environment, and how these associations drive attention and behaviour. Mechanisms of behaviour change. Bridging academia and industry.

Owen Powell

An LSE and University of Bath alum with a background in Mathematics and Investment Banking. My current rolie is a Behavioural Science Consultant for Influence at Work UK. Previous academic research has focused on identifying low-cost behavioural techniques to promote pro-environmental commuting habits.

Olivia Olivarius

A highly knowledgeable and experienced HR professional and behavioural scientist with an interest in environmental sustainability. Experience includes: employee engagement; strategic and operational planning; organisational change and development; project management; and translating employment law into practical policies to fit with organisational culture. Ability to: effectively lead and manage organisational change; engage stakeholders in change processes; …

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Alex Zanon

Applying Behavioral Science to nudge meaningful change in business & large organizations.